Sales Budgeting Demo Highlights

This Sales Budgeting demo is based on a security model by Users and Roles.
There are 4 topics in this application, controlled by the user role:

Budget input (data and cell notes), with a Sales base.  
Over-Assignment by the Manager
Workflow, approval process  
Reforecast, knowing the Actuals (the Manager only can lock months to Actual). 


Budget Input:

This sheet offers Budget Data Entry by cell and Smart Data Entry by group of cells:
• Fiscal year budget cells to input (yellow cells)
• Selectable year Sales, read only (blue cells),
• Actual months automatically locked (grey cells – no data-entry)

sales budgeting demo 1

The K4 menu handles Qlik® variables. The dynamic properties leverage the Qlik® variables to determine the display.
Here you can select the Sales year to display, show/hide specific rows/columns, etc.

sales budgeting demo 2

Open the Smart Data Entry panel, freeze cells you do not want to modify and select different actions for the selected cells
(e.g. copy Sales in the Budget cells with a growth factor, add a shared comment to different cells, set the cells total 
accordingly to the existing distribution or apply an allocation driver...)

sales budgeting demo 3

After several entries, until a final Save, you can Undo/Redo the previous actions:

Sales Budgeting 4

Sales Budgeting 5


Over Assignment:
This layout is available only for Users having the Manager role. Budget values may be over-assigned. Then the adjustment is displayed.

Adjustment cells are color-coded (thanks to Excel conditional formatting rules) accordingly to preset thresholds.
The user can modify the thresholds to visually highlight the adjustment weight. 

 over assignment r2

After Over-assignment inputs, a compact display will give a clear overview of the adjustments. 

This layout can be exported in an Excel file or shown in different QlikView® or Qlik Sense® documents.
E.g. the manager will send to the brand manager for his brands.

 sales budgeting over assignment 2


Workflow, basic approval process :

This a basic example of what could be explored with K4 features. 
Based on a Status drop list (input, submitted, rejected, approved), 
each budget cell status can be edited.

workflow r2

Using the Smart Data Entry panel, you can change the workflow status by cell blocks (except for locked and held cells).

Using the triggered actions, you can reset all the cells to a specific status (e.g. all approved). 
This way breaks the grid limitations (approx. 10.000 cells in the current display) to unlimited number of cells in the budget version. 

sales budgeting workflow 2

The cells status is stored in the SQL table, useful to lock data entry depending on business rules, or color-coding the cells in different reports.



This is the most intuitive way to re-forecast a running budget in a full integrated layout where you can:

·         Close months when actuals are available, automatically locking the input for Actual cells.
·         Edit remaining months, by cell or global actions
·         Immediately display the Actual + Forecast by product, line or brand, and totals
·         Highlight where the forecast achieves the initial budget target
·         Focus the reforecast display and cells input, leveraging the Qlik® current selection.

reforecast r2

Select a compact display to report the new budget for the remaining months:

sales budgeting reforecast 2

What our customers & partners are saying :

  • "Our first project enhances the capability of QlikView and provides the business with guided analytics, genuine insight and commentary. We will be looking to leverage the full power of K4 Analytics next year when a new project will start to consolidate our budgeting and forecasting process into a Qlik application”
    -Adam Snow-Tyler - BI Manager, Yusen Logistics 
  • Our customer, an international financial holding,has been using QlikView for several years. They successfully replaced their Excel based budget with K4 Analytics. The result being very positive, they asked us to extend the coverage of K4 for new business areas, enabling them to considerably reduce the input time and operational errors. A real Win-Win!
    -Axel Pierard - Kozalys
  • K4 Analytics is for the Budget / Forecast Process what QlikView is for Business Discovery: disruptive! QlikView and K4 Analytics are the perfect combination for revolutionizing what used to be, according to Jack Welch "the most ineffective practice in management".
    -Jean-Marc Toussaint - Micropole

  • K4 Analytics is a very affordable and easy way to implement a budgeting solution. It leverages the power of QlikView and the database which gives you great flexibility. KT Labs has an excellent team that supports you right from inception. KT Labs is constantly reviewing and implementing new features that make the user experience better and better.
    -Lolade Iheanacho – SmatData
  • K4 Analytics is a powerful solution that makes possible managing complex payroll forecast within the QlikView platform.
    -Stéphane Garnier – CGI France 

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