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Converting global brands into loyal customers

K4 Analytics, a privately held Irish software vendor, is the developer of K4 Analytics, the first multi-platform solution to easily add rich data-entry and write-back to Business Intelligence and Analytics software. Through a worldwide network of highly qualified partners, K4 Analytics delivers a new agile and disruptive approach to the worlds of Analytics and Corporate Performance Management.


BÄKO HANSA Managed Sales Planning with K4 Analytics

"Instead of checking and merging several days of Excel lists, we now have current budget figures based on Qlik® data with just a few clicks, with which we can efficiently implement our annual planning"
Jens Köhler, Leiter Finanzen, Controlling and Human Resources, BÄKO HANSA eG

Stock Market

Kyris service improves Direct Marketing. K4 integration with OEM

Rich synergy in the cloud created by Tableau, Geo-Intelligence and K4 Analytics


Budget Planning with K4

K4 Analytics can resolve all the planning issues within hours.
With K4 Analytics the entire process is considerably simplified

Building Image.jpg

"Tremendous Product" says James Ulm, IT manager at Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson's team is working to expand the usage of K4 into other areas as the possibilities are endless.

Laptop Office Worker

Human Resources, K4 Integration with OEM

K4 Analytics, enabling complex payroll forecasting within the Qlik platform 

Truck and Warehouse

Commentary Capture with K4 Analytics

Increased visibility of Business Intelligence across the company with the help of K4 Analytics

Wheat Field

Improved production planning and real-time reporting

Myllyn Paras utilizes K4 Analytics® in Qlik® for Budgeting and Forecasting

Ground Coffee

Accurate forecasting with K4

Agile and easy to use, K4 is part of Qlik reporting and is an important tool in designing


Integrated Marketing
Project Planning with QlikView and K4

Project planning - project control – project creation, all available in one interface

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