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We Make Your Analytics Actionable


K4 Analytics, a privately held Irish software vendor, is the developer of K4 Analytics, the first multi-platform solution to easily add rich data-entry and write-back to Business Intelligence and Analytics software. Through a worldwide network of highly qualified partners, K4 Analytics delivers a new agile and disruptive approach to the worlds of Analytics and Corporate Performance Management.


K4  Analytics is a  smart solution for business planning,  budgeting and forecasting that can be integrated into the most powerful BI Platforms in the industry as PowerBI®, Tableau®, Qlik® and Looker®. K4 also integrates with Microsoft Teams helping your users to message, collaborate and allows stakeholders to manage the entire budgeting process extremely efficiently.

Discover the possibilities that K4 Analytics and can provide to your company a dynamic and customizable tool that will change the way you streamline your business planning either in Financial, Sales, Human Resources or General Analysis.

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