Human Resource Demo Highlights 

This demo manages employees FTE (Full Time Equivalent) by month and yearly pay increase, variable and bonus. The grid is filtered by Division to select the employees.

The user can input the FTE forecast by cells or use Smart Data Entry to copy from the initial FTE budget with a multiplier. The Gross Salary total is impacted by the FTE.

The pay increase is limited by a threshold set in the Qlik® document.

The bonus calculation spreads the global bonus set in the Qlik® document, split by employee according to excel formulas live in the grid. The proposed bonus may be over-assigned in the next column.

The forecast input will not be saved until the over-assigned bonus respect the global bonus and if the global reforecast exceeds the initial global budget (validation rule).

All inputted cells and formula calculations are saved to the SQL buffer tables, ready to be exported in the enterprise database.

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A mix of QlikView® and Qlik Sense® users can share the same application contributing to the same database:

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What our customers & partners are saying :

  • "Our first project enhances the capability of QlikView and provides the business with guided analytics, genuine insight and commentary. We will be looking to leverage the full power of K4 Analytics next year when a new project will start to consolidate our budgeting and forecasting process into a Qlik application”
    -Adam Snow-Tyler - BI Manager, Yusen Logistics 
  • Our customer, an international financial holding,has been using QlikView for several years. They successfully replaced their Excel based budget with K4 Analytics. The result being very positive, they asked us to extend the coverage of K4 for new business areas, enabling them to considerably reduce the input time and operational errors. A real Win-Win!
    -Axel Pierard - Kozalys
  • K4 Analytics is for the Budget / Forecast Process what QlikView is for Business Discovery: disruptive! QlikView and K4 Analytics are the perfect combination for revolutionizing what used to be, according to Jack Welch "the most ineffective practice in management".
    -Jean-Marc Toussaint - Micropole

  • K4 Analytics is a very affordable and easy way to implement a budgeting solution. It leverages the power of QlikView and the database which gives you great flexibility. KT Labs has an excellent team that supports you right from inception. KT Labs is constantly reviewing and implementing new features that make the user experience better and better.
    -Lolade Iheanacho – SmatData
  • K4 Analytics is a powerful solution that makes possible managing complex payroll forecast within the QlikView platform.
    -Stéphane Garnier – CGI France 

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