Case Studies
Accurate forecasting with K4

Industry: Food & Beverage

With K4, we have a better chance of doing different scenarios about what the future looks like
Budget Planning with K4

Industry: Security, Anti-Virus Software

K4 Analytics can resolve all the planning issues within hours.
With K4 Analytics the entire process is considerably simplified….
Commentary Capture with K4 Analytics

Industry: Logistical Services

Increased visibility of Business Intelligence across the company with the help of K4 Analytics
Resource Optimization with K4

Industry: Consulting Management firm for BI and Analytics

The capabilities of K4 Analytics has taken our firm to the next level of capability and maturity with regards to operations planning.
Streamlining the budgeting and forecasting process

Industry: IT infrastructure solutions

With K4 we have been able to develop our forecasting process even further
Integrated Marketing Project Planning with K4

Industry: Brewing

Project planning - project control – project creation, all available in one interface !
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