What our customers & partners are saying :

  • One of the more interesting approaches is K4 Analytics, which embeds Excel into Qlik. This provides the full range of Excel formula and formatting functions. You can build some pretty powerful aps this way.. Read more here
    -Rob Wunderlich - Qlik Luminary & Master Trainer 
  • One of the leading leasing companies uses K4 Analytics and Qlik as their main financial planning tool – planning regarding P & L accounts, costs, revenues, balances, employees, wages…
    -UniCredit Leasing
  • Financial planning without Excel; under normal circumstances it would take a lot longer and it would be a lot more stressful. While working with excel you have to stay focused at all times, what might be quite difficult especially in challenging situations. Also, errors are more likely to occur
    -Martin Cevela - ESET
  • K4 analytics is an extension that makes Tableau a very powerful tool to improve and automate any planning and / or budgeting process, adapting it 100% to our business model
    -Fernando Cervera Vallterra - Visualpoint Analytics 
  • K4 and their development partner were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish and delivered the project within budget, on time and with additional bespoke development to fit our requirements. We replaced a dysfunctional spreadsheet based forecasting system in a matter of weeks. The return on investment on this project can be measured in months rather than years.
    -Brian Dunphy - Dawn Meats
  • Agile and easy to use, K4 is part of Qlik reporting and is an important tool in designing, especially now that Paulig grows through acquisitions
    Örmä Kaisa– Paulig 
  • "Our first project enhances the capability of QlikView and provides the business with guided analytics, genuine insight and commentary. We will be looking to leverage the full power of K4 Analytics next year when a new project will start to consolidate our budgeting and forecasting process into a Qlik application”
    -Adam Snow-Tyler - BI Manager, Yusen Logistics 
  • Our customer, an international financial holding,has been using QlikView for several years. They successfully replaced their Excel based budget with K4 Analytics. The result being very positive, they asked us to extend the coverage of K4 for new business areas, enabling them to considerably reduce the input time and operational errors. A real Win-Win!
    -Axel Pierard - Kozalys
  • K4 Analytics is for the Budget / Forecast Process what QlikView is for Business Discovery: disruptive! QlikView and K4 Analytics are the perfect combination for revolutionizing what used to be, according to Jack Welch "the most ineffective practice in management".
    -Jean-Marc Toussaint - WeQan

  • K4 Analytics is a very affordable and easy way to implement a budgeting solution. It leverages the power of QlikView and the database which gives you great flexibility. K4 Analytics has an excellent team that supports you right from inception.K4 is constantly reviewing and implementing new features that make the user experience better and better.
    -Lolade Iheanacho – SmatData
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