and Agile Planning

For your Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

Microsoft Power BI® & Teams®


Qlik Sense® & QlikView®


Embedded Analytics

K4 Analytics is a modular solution which seamlessly extends leading BI platforms (such as Power BI®, Tableau®, Qlik Sense®, QlikView® and Looker®) by adding integrated data entry with write-back support and leveraging the familiar spreadsheet interface.
K4 is also a Microsoft Teams app to support distributed Smart Working.

Already adopted by leading system integrators and customers across multiple industries in 30+ countries, K4 software can help whenever data-entry is required and allows building and deploying agile planning applications (cloud-based or on-premise) in a fraction of the time and cost required by other products

K4 is available as a subscription or a perpetual license, offering you a flexible solution for ease of integration.

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Making your analytics actionable

Smart Working

Stored conversations are monitored through a control panel for workflow supervision and quick access. Users in a conversation can be reached with a simple click via email or live through most of the messaging/collaboration apps (like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams,etc).

Agile Planning

There are no limits for K4 application areas. The models are yours, based on custom spreadsheet and database models.
From simple data collection to complete Corporate Performance Management applications, use K4 Analytics to quickly develop & deploy your solutions.


K4 grids read and write on the fly to the database, whether on-premise or in the cloud. This means that data collection and consolidation is done in real time. K4 supports the most used SQL RDBMS, taking advantage of views, triggers and stored procedures.
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